• We have been communicating for more than 20 years to consumers and key professionals about VBDs
• We cover the vectors…and where you find them, the diseases they may be carrying, symptoms and CDC (and other authoritative sources’) guidance on treatment
• We encourage the use of EPA-registered repellents and other personal protection strategies to help prevent bites that can lead to vector-borne diseases.
• We are a not-for-profit organization funded by donations.

Our Faculty Includes:

Infectious Disease/Travel Medicine Physicians

Physicians from medical schools and patient care facilities at Vanderbilt, Indiana University, University of North Carolina, University of Minnesota and Mayo Clinic.

Nurse Practitioners and Nurse Educators

Medical Employees and Travel Health specialist for a major medical organization

Registered Nurses with Advanced Degrees

Former president of the National Association of School Nurses. Former school nurse administrator overseeing more than 200 school nurses in large district with 16,000 students.

Leading Vector and Vector Control Researchers

Vector-control experts and world class entomologists who share crucial information on mosquito and tick behaviors and threats.

Health Communications Experts

Health communications experts with more than 20 years of expertise in medical and health-related outreach activities

Public Health Educators/Communicators

Educators and communicators specializing in vector-borne disease

Our Resources:


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


American Mosquito Control Association


Rutgers New Jersey Agricultural Experimental Station


TickReport - University of Massachusetts Amherst


Tick Evaluation Program - Cornell University

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